A Remote Control for Life

Don’t you wish sometimes life came with a remote control?  Something that would allow you to rewind to those amazing moments in life that brought the best out of you, those moments you could replay eternally? Or on the contrary, fast forward through those moments that suck the life out of you?  Those dark moments you wish you could erase?

And yes, I’ve heard and I know how all the sayings go “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, or “Sometimes you need those bad days to help you appreciate the good days.” I’ve heard them all, and I’ve been a true believer in all of these motivational philosophies or mindset.  But as we speak, I’m finding it hard to accept them and live by them.

You might be guessing correctly, I am at one of those moments in life you wish you could rewind or fast forward, and that moment is described with one single word, CANCER.  This one single word has not only made me shed tears at night, question everything about life, feel anger, frustration and an array of so many other things, it is also the one thing that almost kept me from joining this challenge.  I thought, “Why should I join? The content of my blog will be so depressive.” But then a friend I hold close to my heart shared her post, for a split second I thought about how this would be the perfect opportunity to just vent and share the ups and downs of life.  For one split second I thought about how maybe this one new adventure would help me or force me to cope with this or see beyond it.

So I’ll try my best to share from my heart, to write what’s roaming this twisted mind of mine, and maybe just maybe, this might help me deal with the reality that unfortunately life does not come with a remote control.  

18 thoughts on “A Remote Control for Life

  1. Oh my dear, you had me at remote and wanting to turn back time. And, then you threw in the word cancer. Your heart is wide open and I could feel it through your words. Writing can heal if you just keep coming to the page. It becomes your prayer. And, we’ll all be here to hold your hand through this journey you are walking through. You are not alone.

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  2. Everything you said is true and truth doesn’t necessarily make anything easier or even palatable. I hope you will find comfort in having a place to share this time in your life that is likely a roller coaster of emotions. And, years from now, you will be able to rewind and replay these days if you wish to. You’ll be able to see what you were able to overcome and you might feel the gratitude you mentioned is legitimately hard to find right now. I’m going to wish all of those things for you as you move through these days. Best and hugs. 🙂


  3. I am thankful for your bravery to work through this struggle through writing. I look forward to reading your slices and providing whatever encouragement I can to you in your journey. 🙂


  4. Dear MDOMIN, write and express, no one can ever fault you… I hear you and I support you — my first SOLC mentions death (of my Mom, recent).

    What else can we talk about other than what we hold tenderly in our hearts? How else an we ask for our students to speak and write the truth? If we cannot do so ourselves?



    1. Hi Veronica,

      Thank you for your words. I was hesitant to erite because I dont like dwindling in the sad parts if life. But this is one, lost my dad two years ago, and now its my mom who has cancer. Ill write about it in ny next post, although I want to try my best to write about positive and great things to :). I’m so sorry for your loss,for sure I know you understand this journey. Thank you!!!

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      1. Hey, MD.. I don’t like dwindling in the sad parts, either.. but I feel strongly about answering the call to the authentic in me.

        But I know to live try to live in balance because I want to be well.. that’s so important to me.

        Thinking of you and your fam. 🙂

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