Sunday Stills (on Wednesday)

A special shout out to Dani Burtsfield, who shared her version of Sunday Stills (on a Tuesday).   The idea seems to have stemmed originally from Rachel at Finidng Joy.

My Wednesday has not been easy.  Not at school and not at home, and so I’ll take this time to focus on what I am grateful for.  Here is my version of Sunday Stills (on a Wednesday).

today:  prepping for student led conferences at school, church (ash Wednesday), writing my slice of life while catching up with “Velvet” on Netflix

want to be: at peace with the reality of being far away from family

blessings: having an older sister (we are very different yet at the same time we truly understand each other)

writing: my day 6 slice of life

loving: catching up with tv series on a school night without doing school work

grateful: for co-workers who check in and ask “how are you doing today?”

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills (on Wednesday)

  1. Love that you were inspired to write a Sunday Stills Slice too! My Wednesday was quite busy, and I was also at an Ash Wednesday service. I just finished my blog about that for tomorrow slice if you feel like it looking it up tomorrow. Love your comment about your sister. I have two older brothers, but have two daughters who are 16 months apart. They couldn’t be more different as people, but they are each other’s best friend.


  2. I cannot believe our days can get so busy that we don’t even see each other and we work in the same school. It makes me sad, but your presence here gives me joy and peace of mind that my “sister” is just a few hallways away. I am grateful for you.

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    1. It’s crazy right. Monterrey and school would not be the same without you. And even if we don’t see each other at school, you know we’ve got each others back.


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