Tacos… a perfect way to end a long day. I’ve been living in Mexico for the last almost three years, and I can never get tired of eating tacos. I thought I knew it all when it comes to Tacos. I was sure I had found THE best taqueria in Monterrey, Taqueria Orinoco. And then I was proven wrong. One random fun night out, I was introduced to what is know oficially the best place for tacos, Tacos Ufff. I can now say for sure, I’ve tried the best tacos. Or so I think. But then I remember, I live in Mexico. That’ll be impossible. Can’t wait for someone to take me to the next best Taqueria. Mexico, thank you for TACOS.

3 thoughts on “Tacos…

  1. I’ve been OBSESSED with tacos ever since I was pregnant with my son. There’s a place in Annapolis, Vida Taco Bar, that started my obsession. Now I look for great tacos everywhere I go. Often, I find more decent ones than great ones. Alas, until I have another opportunity to visit Mexico (I haven’t been since my honeymoon in 2007.), I will have to keep searching for great ones here in the States.


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