Sharing Time

Connecting with my students is one of the most important things for me, yet sometimes it feels like one of the hardest.  Morning Meetings in my class are sacred. My kids can’t bear start the day without it. Their favorite part is the activity or game.  My favorite part is sharing. How I wish all my students loved the sharing part as much as I do. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth. Today’s sharing topic was “If you could teach kids something, what would you teach them?”

What 4th graders would like to teach about,

  • How to bake
  • Spray Paint art
  • Sloths
  • Counting in German
  • Sketching
  • Taekwondo Forms
  • Doing a Pirouette
  • Solving a rubix cube

What’s next?  Following up.  Hopefully allow the time for my students to really learn from each other.

“We were just joking” is NOT ok…

Yes, teaching students to read, write, solve problems, think critically, work in groups, cooperate are all important skills.  But far more important is teaching kids how to think before they act or speak. We need to teach our kids how every action they take and every word they say has a direct impact on people around them.  We ask kids to be kind, and empathetic but this cannot be possible without having them think about all the possible outcomes for every action they take and word they say.

As I was picking my students up from lunch today, I did what I usually do, wait and wait for all of them to calm down and line up.  As I was waiting, I observe a student trying to fit in with a group of “cool kids”. He pulls his hoodie up over his head, turns around and tells his friends in a mocking kind of way “Look, I have cancer,” and then he laughs.   Why me? Why did it have to be ME who listened to that? It hit me so hard, made me so angry inside.

Earlier today, another unfortunate situation happened.  A group of students where having recess inside their class due to rainy weather.   As I sat in my class next door, I heard a loud cry. I couldn’t help it but going over and checking to see what had happened.  A girl was crying because some boys in her class had played a prank on her. A few boys had gotten the girls laptops and opened an internet page with images of the recent unfortunate viral hoax – “Momo”.  The girls opened the laptops and the first thing they saw were these pictures. (If you have kids of your own or students, you might want to read into it). One of the girls was so shaken and upset, she couldn’t stop crying.  

“We were just being funny”, “We were just playing around”. These are the everyday answers from students when asked about their actions. This is not ok.  It is not ok for them to think that “just joking” is ok. I’ve heard so many people tell me, “They are just kids”, or “We all did that when we were growing up”.  It is not ok, it is not just a joke. More and more we need to teach our kids about how their actions and words have an effect on others. How just being funny is not right.  We need to teach our kids to think before they act or say. We need to teach our kids what “having a sense of humor” really means. We need to teach or kids to think about the consequences and implications of their words and actions.  “We were just joking” is NOT ok.

The people I’ve met

Amidst of so many uncertainties in my life right now, there is one that is certain.  I know for sure I am right now where I am supposed to be. Knowing this is the only thing that is helping me keep calm among the endless uncertainties I have right now.  It helps me know that whatever happens next, wherever I go next, it’ll be exactly where I am supposed to be.

Years ago, I would’ve never guessed or never thought I’d be here, in Monterrey, Mexico.  When the time to decide came, I was thrilled for a change but also scared and afraid, and I had so many questions.  But I can now with certainty say I am glad I made the choice and took a risk. They say “It’s not about the journey. It’s about the people you meet along the way.”  This is the part of life that I am so grateful for, having met so many people along this journey. So many people that have changed me forever. So many people who have taught me so much, who have shared so much with me, who have allowed me to see life from a different lense, who have made me be a better person, who have inspired me and forever changed me. I might not now what will happen next, and I may be scared about the future, but the present feels good, where I am right now makes me feel blessed.  The people I’ve met have made this journey worthwhile.


Indecisiveness (n.)doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action

Indecisiveness sometimes takes up  too much space in my day, and today is no exception.  So as I sit here trying to decide what I want to share, I have decided I’ll go with my gut feeling and just write, don’t over think, just write.

What are my two possible alternatives?  Do I write about more “depressing” topics or do I try to search for the good and happy in my life?  Because I know that even though I’m going through difficult times, there are also amazing things and people in my life to be thankful for. And as I try to decide I go back and forth, telling myself the right thing would be to focus on the good, the happy so that I can stop feeling blue or sad.  But another part of me also feels like I owe it to my readers to tell them a bit more about that awful word, CANCER. And so I was debating between the “what I should do?” and the “what I want to do?”. And I went for the “what I want to do”, and honestly it is a relieve to have finally decided.

After I posted my writing yesterday, I felt like I should’ve been more clear, I thought I might have mislead my readers, I never really said how was cancer affecting me.  I could say, thankfully it’s not me who has cancer, but unfortunately I can’t be thankful it’s not me because it’s my mom. It’s the one person that holds my family together.  I would do anything to be me the one with cancer and not her.

I felt such a strong need to share this because most of the time, when we hear about someone battling cancer, we feel and we can imagine the pain or fear the person with cancer is going through.  I thought the relief my readers might feel when knowing I’m not the one with cancer. But the reality is that sometimes it almost feels the same. No one can ever know the tremendous pain and fear it means for the family until its you.  I certainly never did until now. It is almost impossible to describe the pain and fear I feel as the daughter of a mother with cancer.

I am 36 and the second of three girls.  Lucky to have been raised by two amazing human beings, my mom and dad.   But life works in ways that sometimes we will never understand. I try my best day to day to not be angry at life because all in all, even with the bad I do realize I have been blessed in so so many ways.  Two years ago my father passed away, and the idea of losing my mom just seems too unfair. I think of all the people who have been through worse things, and how they now smile, learned to live with the pain, made the best out of what life gave them and moved on. Thinking about them reminds me that in the end I will be ok too.  So here I am trying my best to stay positive, to believe that we will fight and win this battle, and remember that God’s plans work in the most mysterious ways, and years from now, I too will smile. I know life is not life without the good and the bad, and it is now when I wish I could fast forward this movie called Life. But since I can’t I’ll do exactly what my dearest and wisest  friend said, I’ll push other buttons in the Remote control for Life and discover so many other things I didn’t know were there. Stay tuned 🙂

A Remote Control for Life

Don’t you wish sometimes life came with a remote control?  Something that would allow you to rewind to those amazing moments in life that brought the best out of you, those moments you could replay eternally? Or on the contrary, fast forward through those moments that suck the life out of you?  Those dark moments you wish you could erase?

And yes, I’ve heard and I know how all the sayings go “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, or “Sometimes you need those bad days to help you appreciate the good days.” I’ve heard them all, and I’ve been a true believer in all of these motivational philosophies or mindset.  But as we speak, I’m finding it hard to accept them and live by them.

You might be guessing correctly, I am at one of those moments in life you wish you could rewind or fast forward, and that moment is described with one single word, CANCER.  This one single word has not only made me shed tears at night, question everything about life, feel anger, frustration and an array of so many other things, it is also the one thing that almost kept me from joining this challenge.  I thought, “Why should I join? The content of my blog will be so depressive.” But then a friend I hold close to my heart shared her post, for a split second I thought about how this would be the perfect opportunity to just vent and share the ups and downs of life.  For one split second I thought about how maybe this one new adventure would help me or force me to cope with this or see beyond it.

So I’ll try my best to share from my heart, to write what’s roaming this twisted mind of mine, and maybe just maybe, this might help me deal with the reality that unfortunately life does not come with a remote control.